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● 1990    Lucky Light founded in Taiwan.
● 1991    Longgang factory in China is established and starts production of Light Emitting Diodes.
● 1997    Longhua factory in Shenzhen of China is established.
● 1998    Lucky Light (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded.
● 1999    Beijing Office was founded.
● 2000    Zhejiang factory is established.
● 2001 Zhejiang factory is expanded to meet market demands, and QS-9000 certified
● 2002    ISO-9001 certified 
● 2003    ISO-14001 certified 
● 2004    Longgang factory is expanded due to growth and starts developing and producing High power LED for Application of lighting
● 2005    RoHS compliance achieved
● 2006    Established the corporate vision of "The leader of LED lighting".  
● 2007    Sales Billing USD$28 million..
● 2008    Longgang factory is expanded to meet market demands and starts Solar Lighting.

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