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  High Power LEDs   Small package with high efficiency,Long operating life,Available in all colors,RoHS compliant.We offer best quality at very competitive prices, for more high power led products information, please click the high power led images below.
  LED Lamps   Choice of various colors. Available on tape and reel. Reliable and robust. RoHS compliant. Applications: TV set. Monitor. Telephone. Computer. Circuit board. Status indicators. Commercial use. Advertising Signs. Back lighting. etc.
  SMD LEDs   Smaller size enable smaller equipment,ideal for miniature applications. Applications: Automotive: backlighting in dashboard and switch. Telecommunication: Indicator and backlighting in telephone and fax. Flat backlight for LCD, switch and symbol. General use.
  Super Flux LEDs   Fewer LEDs required, low profile, super flux output, RoHS compliant. Applications: automotive exterior lighting. electronic signs and signals. special lighting application.
  LED Digital Display   Excellent segment uniformity. Soild state reliability. Industrial standard size Audio equipment. Instument panels. Digital read out display.
  Infrared Product   Reliable and rugged. Available with different viewing angles.
  Housing LEDs   High efficiency and low cost. Good control and free combinations on the colors of LED lamps. easy to assembly. Used as indicators.
  LCD Backlight   Uniform,bright light emitting surface. Easy for installation.
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