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  MR16 lamps are regularly used in place of compact fluorescent lamps or standard incandescent light bulbs for applications including residential lighting and retail lighting.
    MR16-XX21R2   12V AC/DC,2W Power
    MR16-HXX1W3R5   12V AC/DC,4W High Power Type
    MR16-XX9R1   12V AC/DC,3W,2323LED
    MR16-XX9R   12V AC/DC,3W,5630LED
    MR16-HXX1W6R   12V AC/DC,5.5W High Power Type
    MR16-HXX1W3R4   12V AC/DC,4W High Power Type
    MR16-HXX1W4RC   12V AC/DC,4W,3535 Cree LED
    MR11-HXX1W3RC   MR11 12V AC/DC,3W,3535 Cree LED
    MR16-HXX1W4RC1   12V AC/DC,5W, Cree LED
    MR16-HXX1W4R1   12V AC/DC,4W,3030 LED High CRI>80Ra
    MR16-HXX1W5R1   12V AC/DC,5W,3030 LED High CRI>80Ra
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