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  The ceiling light is made of some high power leds, with higher lumens. Its crust is aluminum alloy , which has great heat sink function. The emitting colors can be white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green and other colors.
    CL-HXX1W3C   100-240VAC,4W
    CL-HXX1W5A   180-240VAC,6W
    CL-HXX1W7A   180-240VAC,8W
    CL-HXX1W9A   180-240VAC,10W
    CL-HXX0.5W16C1C   AC100-240V 10W
    CL-HXX0.5W28C1C   AC100-240V 15W
    CL-HXX0.5W48C1C   AC100-240V 25W
    CL-HXX7WC2C   AC100-240V 7W
    CL-HXX7WC3C   AC100-240V 7W
    CL-HXX10WC2C   AC100-240V 10W
    CL-HXX10WC3C   AC100-240V 10W
    CL-HXX1W24C   AC100-240V Input 24W
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