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By paying close attention to its production management and equipment, Luckylight benefits customers through improved product quality and reduced production costs. We accomplish this by using a highly automated production process that minimizes manual processing and reduces human errors during production. The following are some of the quality control steps taken to eliminate product defects:

● Individual piece inspection and automated self-inspection
● Statistical Process Control (SPC) in order to detect any small variations or imperfections.
● LOT control in order to trace nonconformities for the benefit of customer.
● Apply DOE to process parameters and nonconformity analysis in order to ensure that products are manufactured    under the optimal conditions.
● Promotes the TPM (total production maintenance) to allow employees to participate in the production maintenance

Targets of TPM

● Cost reduction-To extensively reduce cost by maximizing the efficiency of equipment (production)
● Shortening lead-time-To shorten the line switching time, to ensure full yield rate.
● Strict quality demand-Use of optimal quality equipment and parts for full yield rate and the maintaining of a
   well-organized quality maintenance system for detecting part defects
● Demanding an artificially-imposed environment-Implementation factory automation to create a comfortable working    environment

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