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  ◇ Power supply situates inside of the tube,input voltage AC100-240V◇ Easy-equipped.It has high luminant efficiency by using super bright LED. The colors of lighting can be white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green and other colors.
    T8-XX96C-IR   T8 Infrared human induction tube light 18W L=1200mm AC100-240V
    T8-XX144C6   100-240V AC,L=600mm,10W,T8 Integration tube light
    T8-XX144C5   100-240V AC,L=600mm,9W
    T8-XX60C   100-240V AC,L=900mm,12W
    T8-XX48C   100-240V AC,L=600mm,10W
    T8-XX96C   100-240V AC,L=1200mm,18W
    T8-XX120C   100-240V AC,L=1500mm,24W
    T8-54C-A   UL Tube Light L=0.6m Power 9W
    T8-132C-A   UL Tube Light L=1.5m Power 22W
    T8-100C-A   UL Tube Light L=1.2m Power 18W
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