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  leds,led to,led lcd,lcd led,lights,led light,led lighting,led lights,led display,led lamp,led strip,led smd,led strips,led mr16 LED lamps produce drawings and Principle    

   For the LED lights, presumably we have been very understanding of it, 50 years ago, people have to understand semiconductor material can have basic knowledge of light, the first commercial diode produced in 1960. LED is in English light emitting diode (light-emitting diode) acronym, and its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed in a wire rack, then four weeks with epoxy resin sealed for protection within the core line the effects. But everyone on the led lights are not familiar with the production of it?

    Cans with a spherical tank bottom, using scissors repair round, 20 holes drilled in the above, the distribution of holes rounded as far as making some very beautiful, with just the size of the hole can be embedded in white lights for the degree. Work of white lights each voltage 3.0V ~ 3.6V, 4 Zhi composed of a group of white lights in series, the working voltage of 12.0V ~ 14.4V, 5 groups white lights up and then in parallel, in the 12.6V voltage approximately equal to 100mA current , consume power 1.26W.
220V electricity to work, the need for a buck rectifier filter circuit, less costly approach is to use waste for energy-saving lamp control circuit. Energy-saving lamps can be said that everyone has, because the value is low, not willing to repair damaged repair shops in general are treated as waste handling, so you can take at no cost or only a small amount of money in such places as to be scrap stations. In fact, most of the damage to energy-saving lamp tube is broken, its circuits are often well-used, even easily repair damaged. 5W ~ 13W energy-saving lamps are used basically the same circuit and components.

     Mains through the rectifier and C1, C2 obtained after filtering is about 300V DC added to the Q1, Q2 of the inverter circuit formed, resulting in tens of kHz high-frequency oscillation, by L, C5, T on the discharge lamp, so that energy-saving lamps emitting . Composition of L and C5 series resonant circuit, resonant inverter circuit resulting in the high frequency oscillation frequencies. Lamp startup, the lamp does not turn discharge lamp resonant circuit, only the filament resistance, resistance is relatively small, relatively large current circuit, this current in L and C5 to generate hundreds of volts, C5, on so that the breakdown voltage discharge lamp light. After discharge lamp resistance is very small, it is parallel to the C5 on the resonant circuit Q-value significantly decreased, C5, and L on the voltage down to tens of volts to maintain the lamp continues to discharge, which suggested the work of energy-saving lamps voltage change is relatively large. Energy-saving lamps should transform the power of white light could be the C5 directly connected to the L and T of the primary, then L conversion transformers, and to increase the low-voltage rectifier filter  circuit can be.

     In order to more stable low-voltage DC output, L, and C5 can not be used as a resonant circuit whose resonant frequency should be much lower than the oscillation frequency of the inverter circuit can increase the capacity of C5 from the original 332 replaced by 473 (ie, 0.047 uF) or more, even without C5. L transformation for the transformer is outside of Canada in the L coil winding around the low pressure. L generally use 0.15 ~ 0.17 of enameled wire, 300 ~ 320 turns. The measured coil voltage 80 ~ 100V, thus the availability of the number of turns per volt is about equal to 3.

     The way the power rectifier bridge can be used full-wave rectifier or double half-wave rectifier circuit. In order to save two diodes and reduce the wear and tear, I used pairs of half-wave rectifier circuit, the number of turns required transformer secondary coil double and a center tap. DC voltage supply of white light selection of 12.6V, so secondary winding voltage should be 12.6/12 = 10.5V (DC voltage output filter capacitor is approximately equal to 1.2 times the AC input voltage), secondary coil of the number of turns is equal to 10.5 × 3 = 31.5, preferable for the 32-turn, the resultant secondary coil of the number of turns is equal to 64, in the three


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