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  •  Provide 120º beam angles.
  •  Easy Installation: Using Existing E26/E27/B22 Base Fixture
  •  Very Low Power Consumption: Less than 3Watts
  •  Long lifetime: 25000 hours (L70).
  •  Sturdy Construction: PMMA Lampshade And Plastic casing.
  •  LED type: 3014LED
  •  LED multi function remote charging lamp, is a when the light bulb, but also can be used as a flashlight multifunctional infrared remote control LED lamp, the aesthetic appearance of the built-in lithium battery, can be in when they go out to the LED power supply, convenient to carry, at home, and when the normal LED bulb is used, by city electric power, wide voltage, while increasing the function of infrared remote control, more humane, portable.
  •  Charge and discharge time: 6-8 hours can be filled with a charge with AC220V, under the condition of full load discharge time is greater than or equal to 3 hours.
  • When the power is cutted, it can continue to work 3 hours.
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Accent / Spot Lighting
  • Display / Cabinet / Kiosk Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Art Gallery and Museum Lighting
  • Other Lighting
RFS Model No. Color Qty of LEDs (pcs) Beam Pattern(Deg) λD or CCT(k/nm) Luminosity(lm) Operating Voltage(v) Power Dissipation(W) DataSheet
  • EGL-W24CR
  • White
  • 24pcs of LED
  • 120°
  • 5500-6500K
  • 180±5%
  • AC 100-240V
  • 3W
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