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1)Lighting and illuminations
The potential demand is the heaviest for illumination, When the LED light intensity achieves further improvement, it may become an alternative for conventional lighting systems in all fields.

2)Traffic Signals
The features of Traffic lights adopting LED lighting are low power consumption, long life, and high visibility. Conventional incandescent traffic lights are being replaced by LED lights in many parts.
In the automotive field, LEDs have achieved great success in rear lights such as tail lights and brake lights, as well as interior parts, including indicators on instrument panels and interior lights, In the future, a wider range of applications will be expected, such as for head lights.
4) Amusement equipment,
The LED application is converted into tangible forms in amusement equipment, including game systems and electronic spectaculars. The Power Consumption Effect will be drastically improved as practical applications being promoted in places like amusement facilities
5) Indoor and outdoor display
LEDs have already been used in large full color displays and can be found in athletic fields,
business complexes, or stations, LED display promoting environment-friendliness as well as clear images
6) Consumer Electronics and Home Application
LEDs enjoy an increasing demand of application on the backlights for cellular phones, Furthermore, newly emerged LED applications, such as audio-video equipment, including TV sets, VCRs, or other home appliances, including air purifiers are being introduced to the market one after another.